Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The alternative to love – Brendan Benson

Wednesday 8:56 Starbucks, Beijing

Maybe it was me and maybe it was you?

How important is that question right now, is it more important to grow from all of this and to find myself again, having given so much for someone else it is time to take something for me. So I will stand by what I have done and stay here for a different reason. Like I have said to other people over the last month, this is something that I have to do seem I must have the courage to stay. Maybe she can would understand and not expect too much from one man, maybe she can or maybe she can’t, maybe she can love me again maybe she can’t, maybe I should stop being so focused on questions that I can’t find the answers to right now.
The simple fact is that I have already made my mind up, now I just need to understand my feelings better

Today I am heading around the city looking for this chuffing embassy and hunting for information, then I will continue to write nonsense in Starbucks with the hope that one day it will be published, next time I post it will be more about Beijing not relationships.

Pic of the day time, so then which was my photo in the last entry, a prize will go to the lucky reader who gets it right.

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Liz said...

I hope you found the embassy wongles, I think your photo was the one of Magnolias against a blue sky :D

Guess I have a 50% change of being orrect ;)

Just watching Clerks II atm, I dunno which quote is the best, pillowpants, porchmonkey or nigger knife! hehehe