Monday, 13 April 2009

The Pretender – Foo Fighters

Dude just who would have children?

What is the point when they reach the age of being able to question their environment and people around them then they become evil and how can I control someone else child when they can’t do the same? Surely at this age all of the joy and love that parents have in children must fly out of the window so quickly. Once everything around them has ceased being new and interesting, they become little versions of adults without the knowledge that the world sucks and life after school isn’t so much better then before.

So the reason for my latest outburst that children is not just the fact that I am getting older and grumpier all the time, that does have a large bearing on it, not get me wrong or anything, but the most recent and freshest reason in my mind is that I have a couple of my students are both at this age, one male and one female. This can’t be just because they are Chinese, I’m very certain and have had enough experiences to know that the same thing will happen in England too. Well, could I start to rant about the role of the parents here, well no not really fair to do that until I can have my own child, if that ever happens. All I can comment on is the influences of teachers, since I am only a pretend teacher here, how much can I do to make the kid learn?

Well two experiences I have had with 8 year old children when in the one on one environment of teaching have both been negative.

All that this experience has done is add more fuel to my anti child feeling which has been growing inside me for the last couple of years, if I can’t control this child could I able to say that I can be a good father, people will always say it’s different for your own and in some ways that may indeed be true but in no way will that help me feel better now.

Easter Monday

Well I have quite possibly had the second gayest day of my life, I won’t tell you the first just yet, haha but yeah going around a park with each click of the shutter my balls shrink, taking pictures of flowers, I may as well get a dress next. But the photo’s are now on photobucket, and I have left one at the end of this blog. To make me feel better I had to drink a beer when I got home. Mainly cos it has been so hot today and I went for a bike ride around the city. On the world’s heaviest and most uncomfortable cycle. Like it is made from solid steel, and got parts which are not needed on it, I never thought the weight of a bike would make that must difference, but I have force to around corners and trying to get some like that to stop is not easy. With the roads in Beijing quick breaking is very important.
I have remembered that I have a little bit of an issue with speed too, I have to get into races with people who try to overtake me, even people who are on scooters and electric bikes, I still have to go faster and here in this city that can easily mean hitting on the millions of cabs. Maybe I have a problem and that explains why I like to watch top gear and play grand theft auto!
Top gear the grown up jackass, does it say something about me when my top ten favourite shows in the last 10 years would have jackass and top gear both in the top 2. Am I so childish that I only want to see men hurting themselves or acting like idiots on TV for cheap laughs? Let’s face it top gear is an extension of jackass, maybe some of the stunts are less physically dangerous but some of the over the time activities and the joy in highlighting the male stupidity are common in both shows. Wonder if top gear goes jackass would be a bad idea for a tv show? Most likely Clarkson would not get along with the Americans and end up trying to shoot them, if he killed Bam that wouldn’t be a huge lose to the world.
Is this such a bad thing that I am so childish?

Of course not, no one could every say that these exactly highbrow entertainment.

But then again I do still enjoy Bottom which also would say a lot about me too.
Anyway I am hungry and want a coffee.

Get me some CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Liz said...

I think you have to remember that an eight year old is going to be a bit of a brat and likely to listen only to their parents.

Unless of course even their parent can't handle them then you have to assume perhaps they have ADHD or even just going through that stage of being an arse.

Then there's always another option that the child just doesn't like you. I know it's horrible, but I'm sure there were teachers at school you didn't like. Although at 8 I probably never would've behaved in such a way, as at 8 you ought to have the social skills not to be like that.

You definitely need to get some balls, all those flower photos, like how gay.


Seriously, lots of men take flower photos, just like many also take bird and other wildlife photos. So not to worry.