Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Bone Broke – The White Stripes

How to explain Lost to someone who only started watching it in the fifth season?
Man just thinking about it makes the show sound so bad and stupid, why have I been watching it so much? Maybe I cant explain it as well as watching the show would explain the point.

I only got as far as telling them that some people crashed on an island and the are bad people, never mind everything else that has happened, with flashbacks, forwards, monster, polar bears, people never telling others the whole story, a Chinese dude who can talk with the dead, characters walking after crippled, time travel, ghosts, crazy French women, a hatch, Scottish brother, hunted house which keeps moving, a ship stranded in the middle of the jungle, Jim from Neighbours being evil, how can it rain every time something bad is about to happen, Darma project, submarines, why jack is still a dick and why do people listen him, secret underwater base, a guy with eye liner who doesn’t age and so many people being half siblings and having connections before the island.

Yes it does sound like nonsense, just nonsense that is done well. I wonder if I missed anything from all that? Oh yes the numbers, which seem to have been forgotten about for last couple of seasons, and Hurley is still the size of a house but funny too and why did they kill off the Hobbit?

Well since there is going to be one final season after the current one, then what answers can will be given? Still we don’t know why the island can heal people and bring them back to life, why people can’t give birth on it, why no one can find it (well that has something to do with time travel)

I hope the show does finish without trying to drag it out to much, before it gets even more silly, like looking back at Alias, another show created by this guy after the 1st season that went daft and quickly died as it didn’t seem to go anywhere. Well it lasted for 5 years but the final one was so bad and had a couple of Dallas moments which is never a good idea.

Yes I have been busy learning so many different exam contents, another of my students is taking yet another exam, so this time it is for young learners, this kid is good and has a lot of talent in English already, that will be from Friday, I also have another new student today, right now I know nothing about them other than it’s female. That takes my total to 9 students now, soon they will start to overlap and I may have to turn some down. My weekend schedule is filling up quickly; next thing I need to do more of is prepare Chinese language to help me more, time for some lessons in it.

Well I’m off to watch the episode I started last night before being interrupted with so many questions, like who is that, what is he doing, who is that kid, what is this show about, sigh……

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Liz said...

Dude, face it. It sucks donkey dick.

So ridiculously over the top, even people at work have finally lost interest in it.