Monday, 1 March 2010

B side

Sometimes i think i have some special gift that means i can get things for free or at least for cheaper than they should be when in supermarkets and coffee places.  I’m sure the gift would be extended to other business but since i don’t go anywhere else that is all i know about.  This was first noticed in the friendly co op new the house, when i get £10 more than i should have, since then it seems that each time i go there i get the shopping for roughly half price.  This is now my favourite shop in the world, today the trend continued in starbucks, when i got a free drink and free home blend.  Part of that was down to the slack jawed guy behind the counter, he intentionally said i could have a free large coffee because i was getting the home blend on the nice shiny starbucks card when it should be a small one (i think, i can’t imagine any business is that generous to the customers) but then he didn’t ring through the first coffee i was buying. 

Is there some kind of angel that helps me in this situations, can i ask for the help in other ways, is that how it works, can i be selective like that…

Anyway that was the start of the day since then i have had my hair cut and sorry to say i had to pay for that :( oh well and the sunshine is great today, giving me back the energy i had last recently.  This morning i had sleepy eyes and the sunshine woke me up, i think the combo of late night movie watching and leaving curtains open is going to lead me to insanity soon.  I am getting old and have more signs of it all the time, the seating position at home has been giving me back ache and it still hurts the day after, that is just bad right? Seems my life is over now and things will start to get worse (is that being very negative of me?)

So photo’s well be taken later, expect them to be featured  in the next blog and i shall get back to my little and growing dream world one day that shall be ready to be shared with the real world.

So i will get back to me tasty coffee and write some more of my nonsense thoughts without any mention of the moon for a while anyway.

This is the only photo i have taken so far, hope you enjoy it :)



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