Thursday, 23 October 2008

First post from Beijing

Dugals report on the first week of living in Beijing,

Spent more time in Starbucks then any where else

That's more or less everything, ok well that's a lie, i have done quite alot, been attempting achieve things without needing help from abs, I'm reasonable happy with how far i can get in the city without being able to use more then just hello and thank you.

Sign language and pointing tends to be the easiest way of getting a message across .

One thing i haven't got used to yet, is the fact that toilet paper in bathrooms is outside the cubicle, the number of times i forget that after a big job is just embarrassing. Having to do the toilet paper dance to get some, like man, it's something nobody needs to see never mind read about in an idiots blog!

I opened my first bank account on sunday, which eventually was pretty easy, my first try at this, the lady on the counter tried to get me to open a credit card with a 2500 rmb deposit required, so i told her to stick it and came back with help. So maybe i cant do everything alone in Beijing.

I'm also well pleased that i've managed to convince somebody that i am able to teach English, however i haven't convinced myself of this just yet... That should come soon, currently i'm just waiting on my contract to be produced then i can arrange with working visa. Got all parts of my body which can be crossed, crossed that i wont have to fly back to Manchester just to get a silly stamp in my passport.

My objectives for the second week in Beijing is to spread my name around on various websites about being an english tutor, not for money just yet, for the cheap cheap price of a coffee each hour. That is much cheaper than anyone else is currently advertising. Get some regular customers before bring in higher prices, haha yeah sweet!

Is it wrong that i start to recognise all the regulars in starbucks, staff and customers, like that is a white guy who always get the good seat right next the PowerPoint. Got a similar laptop to me, i think i will start to give these people imaginary names, like he will be called Mr Jeeves. cos he looks like a butler. Yes i'm bored now.

My god, why have i had no tea in the past week!!!!

One kinda good thing about the pollution levels in this city, is that you can get some funky looking sunsets. check this mother out!

Yes anything that i have to do this week is to write a strongly worded e-mail to the boys in metallica, just to get some feelings of my chest and to list all the reasons why putting on a private gig just for me in Beijing is a very good idea and excellent use of their time. I should do the same for Iron Maiden too, hell why don't i arrange a personal festival, Dugalstock!!!! yes it will be the best ever in the world........

Hope this is an informative report on life in Beijing.

Bye for now Dugal


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Liz said...

Duuuude, are you bored??!!!!

Still waiting for the stripes to come, then I'll be booking me some tickets! Metallica, sooooo nineteenninetyone, dude.

Due to snow here supposedly, there was frost this morning and it's now rather cloudy so perhaps it will snow soon.
Might just have to call in sick that day, like who'd want to miss snow sat in the office all day??!

Sorry, nothing else to report, other than being seriously bored at work and waiting for zander to actually reply to one of my text messages about helping them/seeing William *rolls eyes*